Black Stipple Sponge Set - 3 Pack


This black stipple sponge set comes with 3 sponges.Black Stipple Sponge Set - 3 Pack
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This black stipple sponge set comes with 3 sponges.


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Stipple sponge...stipple sponge! I just like to say it!

  • Description: Here is a pack of 3 stipple sponges (a synthetic charcoal colored, very course, web matrix filter sponge). Stipple sponges are used to create special makeup effects such as beard stubble, bruises, scrapes, or old age stippling. They are also excellent for blending makeup.
  • Size: Each Stipple Sponge measures 1'' by 2’’ by ¾’’. 3 pack, carded.

Create a five o'clock shadow look by lightly dipping the sponge into dark cream based make-up and then lightly stippling the makeup onto the skin. This same technique can be used with red or maroon coloring, stippled on the nose or other facial areas, it will yield a broken or risen blood vessel look common in old age make-ups. Powder to set. Stipple Sponges can be re-used if washed out properly.