Ben Nye Castor Sealer for Latex

SKU-KS-0 Castor Sealer

Buy Ben Nye castor sealer for latex from Mallatt's online.Ben Nye Castor Sealer for Latex
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Buy Ben Nye castor sealer for latex from Mallatt's online.


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Ben Nye makes an ideal sealer for latex materials and appliances.

  • Description: Foam latex and latex appliances should always be sealed before applying any creme makeup. Remember your skin has oil, but the prosthetic doesn’t and without adding oil to the prosthetic, the applied colors will look different.
  • Size: 1 fl. oz., 2 fl. oz. and 8 fl. oz. bottle (15-40 applications per ounce.)
  • Manufacturer:  Ben Nye
  • Suggestions: Castor Sealer should be applied to Latex or Wrinkle Stipple before applying Creme Makeup to prevent discoloration.
  1. Using a latex wedge with a bit of castor sealer poured onto it, stipple the castor seal onto the latex or foam latex piece or area (getting a bit on the surrounding skin is not a problem).
  2. Once evenly coated, wipe off the extra castor seal or use face powder and puff to apply powder to that area to absorb any excess moisture and to prepare for coloring the area with make-up.