Graftobian Witch Makeup Kit


The witch makeup kit from Graftobian is good for up to 18 applications.Graftobian Witch Makeup Kit
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The witch makeup kit from Graftobian is good for up to 18 applications.


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  • Description: Graftobian’s Witch Makeup Kit will help you complete your Wicked Witch of the West costume. This traditional green witch can be quickly created using this complete kit and wonderfully detailed instructions.
  • Size and Coverage:  6 Color Cream Color Wheel (2 Greens, Yellow, Misty Blue, Black and Maroon), Translucent  Face powder, Powder Puff, Black full length pencil, Full length brush, 3 Foam Wedges and Complete Step-By-Step Instructions in Full Color. This kit is good for about 15-18 applications.
  • Manufacturer: Graftobian                                                                 
  • Suggestions: If you find the foundation too green, try mixing it with a little of the yellow and the green together on a mixing palette and apply it lightly. For the hair, you have a variety of wigs to choose from. If you do select a wig, do yourself a favor and purchase a wig cap under which you can store your own hair. The wig cap serves the added benefit of helping to grip your wig so it holds on well. If you wish to color your hair instead, we recommend Graftobian Black Colored Hair Spray for the job.
  1. Graftobian’s instructions are included in each kit and are easy to follow to create your design.
  2. The makeup is most easily removed with a creamy makeup remover (not included) or cold cream.
  3. Once all makeup is carefully removed, gently wash with soap and water.