Mehron Tooth FX Paint


Mehron tooth paint can create a variety of effects.Mehron Tooth FX Paint
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Mehron tooth paint can create a variety of effects.


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This is a product that takes care of the details to realistically enhance your costume or character.

  • Description: Mehron's Tooth FX is a safe, non-toxic paint-on tooth color. Create everything from a missing tooth look or to rotten/zombie set of teeth. It stays on until you are ready to scrape it off or remove with Alcohol.
  • Colors: Black, Gold, Nicotine, Blood Red or White.
  • Size: Each .25 oz. bottle comes carded with instructions
  • Manufacturer: Mehron
  • Suggestions: Nicotine is the go to color for rotten teeth.
  1. Paint on dry teeth for the desired effect.
  2. For best results, paint in a small area between the teeth to give appearance of decay.
  3. Use black to “black-out” a tooth or give a chipped or uneven appearance.
  4. Tooth F/X can be scraped off with a finger nail, removed by applying a small amount of isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and wiping the teeth or by brushing the teeth with toothpaste.