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Wizard of Oz

Rental Information & Policies:

All Reservations should be done in person or by telephone at (608) 238-3106.
We do not ship Rental Costumes. Costumes must be picked up at the Monroe Street Store (3506 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711).
No Reservations will be accepted without the Price of the Rental and a Damage Deposit being placed on a Credit Card.
Costumes are not for sale.

Cowardly Lion

Rental fee: $45.00

#917, #918
This Costume can be ordered for $250.00.
This Lion Costume has a Jumpsuit, a Headpiece or Mask and Possible Gloves and Shoe Covers. Size-Large or Extra Large

Dorothy and The Scarecrow

Rental fee: $45.00

#910,#911,#912, #915, #916
Rental fee: $40.00 & $45.00
Not For Sale
Dorothy has a Dress and Hair Bows. Scarecrow has Pants,Top,Hat,Hood & Neck,Ankle,Wrist Straw Pieces.
Dorothy is Small or Medium and The Scarecrow is Large.

Flying Monkey

Rental fee: $45.00

#935, #936
This Costume can be Ordered for $150.00.
We have Two Monkey Costumes. Each has a a Furry Body with Wings attached, Mittens, Head Covering and Shoe Covers. Size- Fits up to an Extra-Large

Glinda, The Good Witch

Rental fee: $45.00

#923, #924
Can be Ordered for Purchase- $350.00
Dress, Hoop, Crown and Wand. Sizes-Small or Medium

Munchkin Lady

Rental fee: $45.00

#931 Dress, Hat and Tights Medium

Munchkin Man

Rental fee: $45.00

#929, #930
Not For Sale Shirt, Pants and Leggings.
Sizes-Medium or Large

Munchkin Mayor

Rental fee: $45.00

Not For Sale Includes-Coat with Vest, Pants and Hat.

Tin man

Rental fee: $45.00

#920, #921
Not For Sale We have two Different Tin Man (Only one is Pictured). Both include different Silver Body Coverings, (One comes with a Mask.) Both come with a Hatchet.
Sizes-Medium/Large or Extra Large

Wicked Witch

Rental fee: $45.00

Not For Sale Dress, Cape and Hat.