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Pirates, Wenches & Gypsies

Rental Information & Policies:

All Reservations should be done in person or by telephone at (608) 238-3106.
We do not ship Rental Costumes. Costumes must be picked up at the Monroe Street Store (3506 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711).
No Reservations will be accepted without the Price of the Rental and a Damage Deposit being placed on a Credit Card.
Costumes are not for sale.


Rental fee: $45.00

Not For Sale Coat,Pants,Vest,Boot Tops,Hat,Sword

Captain Hook Pirate

Rental fee: $45.00

Not For Sale Long Coat,Pants,,Ascot,Boot Tops,Sword, Hook and Hat.
Extra Large

Captain Morgan Pirate

Rental fee: $45.00

Red Jacket, Shirt Front, Vest, Pants, Boot Tops, Hat

Caribbean Pirate

Rental fee: $45.00

Jacket, Shirt, Belts, Hat, Boot Tops


Rental fee: $40.00

#792, #793
Rental fee: $40.00 each Not For Sale Male Gypsy has a Shirt,Vest,Pants,Sash and Scarf. The Female Gypsy has a Blouse,Skirt,PetticoatWaist Cincher,Shawl,Scarf and Beads.
Male Gypsy is a Large. Female Gypsy is a Medium.


Rental fee: $45.00

Red and Black Jacket, Shirt,Boot Tops and Hat

Pirate Wench

Rental fee: $45.00

Not For Sale Skirt,Blouse,Bloomers,Belt,Scarf.

Tavern Wench

Rental fee: $40.00

#798, #799
Not For Sale Red Skirt,White Blouse,Black Weskit and Mob Cap.
Medium and Large.