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Mallatt's is proud to offer products from all of these trusted brands. Select a brand below to view all of the their products that we carry. 

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Alan Sloane Costume Accessories
Alan Sloane & Company—your source for American-made costume accessories, including gloves, suspenders, hats, tutus, tiaras, and ties.

Albolene Makeup Remover
Albolene makeup remover banishes even the most stubborn makeup and leaves your skin soft and moisturized.

  Image size: 200x36, 22.969Kb  Image type: jpeg Alcone Makeup
Look like a starlet with Alcone Makeup, the leading resource for hard-to-find products and cosmetic
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Alexanders Costumes & Accessories
Alexanders offers costumes and costume accessories that fit any period or pop-culture trend.

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Alicia Wigs
Alicia International's wigs are beautiful and high-quality pieces made by experts with 30 years experience.

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Ames Walker Products
Look to Ames Walker for "It Stays!", the revolutionary Roll-On Body Adhesive.

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Ardell Lashes
Ardell's lashes are comfortable, ultra lightweight, easy to apply, and easy to remove thanks to their innovative adhesive.

Bauer Pacific
Whether you’re a pharaoh, a demon, or a masquerade princess, Bauer Pacific Imports has a stunning mask for you.

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Ben Nye Makeup
Ben Nye Makeup represents an iconic, classic, and creative American style. For unsurpassed quality grounded in cinematic history, choose Ben Nye.

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Billy-Bob Teeth
Billy Bob Teeth has sold 20 million pairs of their playful prosthetic teeth since 1993. It's time you joined the fun.

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Charades Costumes
Charades Costumes has been creating beautiful, long-lasting pieces for men, women, children, toddlers, and infants for over 10 years.

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Cinema Secrets Makeup & Accessories
The Woochie line of prosthetics from Cinema Secrets can transform you into any character you want to be.

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Costume Evolution BCozy Costumes
Costume Evolution, the maker of BCozy Costumes, offers adorable costumes in styles you won't find anywhere else.

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Dillon Masks
Dillon Importing offers innovative toys, gifts, and masks from their family owned and operated headquarters where they serve customers with the care and attention they deserve.

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Disguise Costumes & Accessories
Looking for a fresh, trend-setting costume? Disguise manufactures highly creative costumes inspired by the beloved characters of Disney, Marvel, Hasbro, and Sesame Street.

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Dress Up America Costumes
Brooklyn, New York's Dress Up America provides costumes for every occasion and every member of the family—infants, boys, girls, teens, men, and women.

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Elope Hats, Costumes & Accessories
Buy an Elope hat and you're buying a quality piece that will last and that’s always backed by superior customer service.

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Fad Treasures Costume Jewelry
Fad Treasures creates costume jewelry that's always on trend. Whether you're looking for steampunk, pirate, or 1960's mod, Fad Treasures has what you're looking for.

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Flashback and Freedom Costume Accessories
Find classic accessories, including hats, timepieces, earrings, masks, and sunglasses from the people at Flashback and Freedom. They’re groovy!

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Foothills Creations Fangs
Complete any costume with a superior pair of costume fangs from Foothills Fangs.

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Forum Costumes & Accessories
Forum Novelties offers both classic and quirky costumes for men, women, and children.

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Franco Costumes & Accessories
Franco Costumes provides costumes, accessories, and an extensive line of wigs that will be perfect additions to any costume, no matter the occasion.

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Fun World Costumes & Accessories
Choose Fun World when you're looking for a novelty or costume that's inspired by your favorite pop culture personalities.

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Funny Fashion Costumes
Funny Fashions costumes, accessories, toys, and party decorations are made with the best fabrics and an attention to detail.

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Garland Lashes & Facial Hair
Garland Beauty's fabulous lashes, cosmetics, costumes, and wigs have been a favorite of customers in theater, entertainment, and film industries since 1966.

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Glimmer Body Art Tattoos
Add some shimmer and excitement to your party with Glimmer Body Art's innovative line of tattoos.

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Goddessey Costumes & Accessories
Goddessey costumes and wigs are striking, and elegant, and brought to life by talented designers.

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Graftobian Makeup
Since 1978, Graftobian Makeup Company has been offering professional cosmetics that create movie set—ready costumes and effects. Among Graftobian's products is their famous Theatrical Makeup line.

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Halco Santa Suits & Accessories
Halco has been designing Christmas wear, including their famous Santa Suit, for over 60 years.

Hanover Accessories (The Great PretendEars)
Adorable and playful, Hanover's Great PretendEars line of costume accessories is perfect for creative and heart-warming costumes.

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Henry Margu Wigs
Look to Henry Margu when you need a natural-looking, high-quality, and trend-setting wig.

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HM Smallwares Costume Accessories
HM Smallwares has the costume accessories you need—everything from wigs and hats to  theatrical makeup.

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Jacobson Hats & Accessories
Looking for a Jhat? Jacobsen Hats been providing the best costume hats in the widest variety of styles for 75 years.

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KBW Masks
KBW's masks are laser—cut for the utmost quality so you're not only ready for Mardi Gras, but also the most elegant masquerade.

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Kryolan Makeup
Believe it or not, makeup is a science. That’s why, thanks to a team of chemists, Kryolan products are vibrant, long—lasting, and gentle on your skin.

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Lacey Costume Wigs
Lacey Costume offers a wide variety of washable, high—quality wigs, made in styles that are one-of-a-kind.

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Leg Avenue Hosiery, Costumes & Accessories
Leg Avenue invents fantasies through their beautiful tights, petticoats, and costume accessories.

LeeMa Costume Accessories
Los Angeles-based LeeMa offers Halloween accessories, costume jewelry, and fashion accessories with a creative sense of style.

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Loftus Costumes & Costume Accessories
When you're looking for high-quality costumes and accessories for every member of the family, choose Loftus.

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Make-Up Designory Products
MUD is a school by make-up artists, for make-up artists, that offers professional products and education to the worldwide artist community.

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Making Believe Costume Accessories
Costumes, novelties, dress-up items, and accessories perfect for any party are available from Making Believe.

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Mehron Makeup
Mehron Makeup is the first choice of performers and professionals alike, and it's used in several major productions. Choose Mehron and always look your best.

Morphsuits are crazy customizable, long-lasting, and will fit you perfectly. Best yet, you can breathe easily and see out from inside your suit.

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Morris Costume Accessories
Shopping for a themed costume party? Check out Morris's selection of costumes and accessories.

  Image size: 250x35, 28.479Kb  Image type: jpeg Original Pumpkin Teeth
Pumpkin Teeth can transform any Jack-O-Lantern into a fun Halloween creation!
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Paper Magic Group Costumes & Accessories
Paper Magic Costumes provides creative costumes for men, women, and children.

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Parris Toy Guns & Weapons
Parris toy guns and weapons are highly realistic and made with superior materials—they're perfect for any costume.

Peter Alan Costumes & Accessories
Peter Alan Inc.(Costume Mates) offers classic costumes and costume accessories for men and women.

Pinaud Products
Pinaud products have been in the best barber shops for years—they're a must-have for every gentleman.

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Polly Products Wig Accessories
The best wigs and wig accessories come from Polly Products Company.

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Princess Paradise Costumes & Accessories
Princess Paradise costumes are creative, whimsical, and high-quality costumes for girls and boys.

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PPI Makeup
Premiere Products Inc. is the maker of PPI makeup, a safe and certified SFX makeup for both professionals and hobbyists.

Puppet Workshop
Do you need children's costumes or dancewear? Puppet Workshop has what you need.

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Rasta Imposta Costumes
Rasta Imposta costumes are crafted with care and attention—and an eye on trends.

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Rhode Island Novelty Costume Accessories
Look to Rhode Island Novelty for convincing fake stage cigarettes and cigars.

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Rubies Costumes & Accessories
When you want the most up-to-date and playful costumes on the market, choose Rubie's.

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SA Feather Accessories
SA Feather offers beautiful, high-quality feather accessories like boas, fans, and wigs.

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Scarecrow Fangs & Teeth
Scarecrow teeth and fangs are made in cutting-edge designs that are perfect for any vampire costume.

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Silver Rain Snow Makeup
Silver Rain Studios provides safe, easy to use makeup products like their signature snow makeup.

Simply Latex Products
Looking for high-quality latex for body art? Look no further than Simply Latex.

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Smiffy's Costumes & Accessories
Smiffys is the go-to for fancy dress costumes and accessories for men and women.

Sunnywood Tiaras
Are you looking for a gorgeous and authentic-looking tiara or crown? Look no further than Sunnywood.

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T. Myers Magic Products
T. Meyers Magic specializes in professional-quality balloons, pumps, face painting products, and clowning pieces.

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Tinsley Transfers Temporary Tattoos
Looking for a realistic temporary tattoo? Tinsley Transfers offers hypoallergenic and screen-ready temporary tattoos.

Tropical Sun Costume Accessories
Looking for luau or Hawaiian-themed costume accessories? Check out Tropical Sun Imports.

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Underwraps Costumes & Accessories
Underwraps Costumes creates unique, affordable costumes for men, women, kids, and toddlers.

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Vapon Adhesive
Vapon's adhesive and solvent products are safe, effective, and easy to use.

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West Bay Wigs & Eyelashes
West Bay's wigs and false eyelashes are available in a stunning range of styles and colors.

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Wolfe Face Paint
Choose Wolfe Face Art when you need the best face paint supplies.

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Zagone Studios Masks
Zagone Studios Masks are some of the most creative and detailed masks available. Choose one for any costume—you’ll love wearing it.

Zombie Skin FX LLC
Zagone masks are made with 30 years of experience—and it shows in the details.