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3 Funny Adult Halloween Costumes

Halloween is the perfect day for adults to be just as playful as children, so check out our funny adult Halloween costumes for men and women. 

2 Funny Halloween Costumes for Women

This message is for funny women the world over. We're got two super clever and funny Halloween costumes for women just like you: Shark Attack and Baberaham Lincoln. 

Better as a Pair - Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Sometimes the best things come in pairs—and these Halloween costume ideas for couples are no exception! Check out our Halloween ideas for you and your significant other: Popeye and Olive Oyl and the Demon and Devil in a Blue Dress, a costume inspired by the detective film of the same name.

Two Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

These Halloween costume ideas for women are inspired by tough women of old--swashbuckling pirate captains and cavewomen.

2 Couples Costume Ideas Based on Fictional Characters

Get ready to fight crime in Toontown or Camelot with your significant other this Halloween. We’ve got 2 super-easy Halloween costumes that prove costumes are always better in pairs. 

3 Creative Halloween Costumes for Women

Get ready for Halloween with one of these 3 creativity-infused costumes for women: Three Blind Mice, The Black Widow, and Poison Ivy. Itch ointment not included.

Adult Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Rebels

If you love a little bit of revolution in your life, consider one of these adult Halloween costume ideas inspired by famous pop-culture rebels. Whether you feel like a kooky chemistry teacher-turned meth cook, a British anarchist, or even a quirky elf, we’ve got a costume for you.

A Pair of the Best Halloween Costumes for Men - James Dean & Sirius Black

When you think of the typical “cool” guy, what do you see? Chances are you see a flowing mane of hair and a leather jacket. It’s no wonder these are the trademark accessories donned by some of the coolest guys ever: James Dean and Sirius Black. Both have tough, stylized exteriors that hide a lot of sensitivity. Check out our suggestions for two of the best Halloween costumes for men that’ll have you looking like the most brooding anti-hero ever. 

Super Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids - 2014

Cuteness overload! We’ve got 3 costumes that are equally adorable for kids, teens, and adults, including Anna and Elsa from Frozen

3 Unique Vampire Costume Ideas

No matter where you leave your coffin—whether it’s Transylvania, Mystic Falls, Sunnydale, or Forks, these vampire costume ideas will be perfect for your next twilit night.