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Top 10 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

10 of the best ways to scare everyone you meet this Halloween.

Halloween is slowly creeping up on us, so it’s about time to choose a getup for October 31st. If you’re not a fan of cute, sexy, or funny costumes, go for a scary Halloween costume.  That’s where we come in! Pick one of our scary Halloween makeup ideas and you’ll be the one going bump in the night.
Our Favorite 10 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas
1. Cracked Face 
Porcelain dolls are totally spooky, so why not go as part human, part possessed doll? Your busted face will suggest that you’ve been thrown away, smashed, or otherwise destroyed a few times, only to reappear on your bed. Get the porcelain look with help from Paradise AQ Cake Face and Body Paint in White.
(Via Buzzfeed and Imgur)

2. Man-eater
The Dad-joke reaction to this horrifying makeup would be, “Why the long face?” Mehron’s Blood Red 3D Makeup Gel Effects can help you create the bloody and red portion of your stretched mouth.
(Via Buzzfeed and Pearls of Profundity)
The first scary Halloween makeup idea is this dramatic and bloody zipper face.
3. Zipper Face
Whether you’re a B-movie aficionado or just looking to stop some hearts in a stylish way, this Zipper Face look is equal parts couture and classy. Create a skinned look with Mehron’s Extra Flesh Special Effects Wound Makeup.
(Via Buzzfeed and deea make-up)
4.  Snow Queen
If Kate Moss transformed into a soulless demon, we imagine that fabulous creature would look a little something like this. Emphasize your demon eyes with Professional Cake Eyeliner in Jet Black.
(Via Bored Panda and Tumblr)
5. De Humani Corporis
Harken back to the 16th-century with this scary anatomical skeleton makeup idea a la Andreas Vesalius. Forget scribbling on your hand—this is the scariest way to cheat on your anatomy test. Because this look hinges on fine details, you’ll need an extremely fine brush. Try Graftobian’s 5/0 Fine Detail on for size.
(Via Bored Panda and Prickly Legs)
6. Hello, Zombie!
Pretty-meets-scary with this look that features some sickly veins and post-mortem coloring. Ben Nye’s Water Resistant Liquid Eyeliner in Ebony is the ideal tool for penciling in your zombie veins.
(Via Mashable and Threat_LevelMidnight)
7. The Other Mother
Fans of the movie Coraline will immediately recognize this button-eyed monster as the “Other Mother.” If you’re a mom, seriously consider this look—your kids will never give you lip about making their beds again. If you’re committing to adhering buttons to your eyelids, better go with a gentle adhesive like Kryolan’s Medical Adhesive.
(Via Pinterest and Pearl Knitter)
8. Brain Man
One perk of this brainy look? Nobody will have to guess what’s on your mind. Build your brains from 3rd Degree Silicon Modeling Compound. It sets in less than 5 minutes – perfect for the busy zombie on-the-go.
(Via Mashable and BaconTreatz)
9. When Eye See You Smile
Sorry, Bad English—we saw the opportunity for a pun and went for it. There’s something really unsettling about painting a detailed eyeball complete with lashes on your lips. Add a few pairs of tapered Feathered False Eyelashes to your mouth. They’re easy to trim and apply.
(Via Buzzfeed)
10. Sinister Snow White
Our favorite look will bring your rosy memories of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to a screeching halt. We’re in love with the little touches, especially that rotten apple. Create bruises, abrasions, and bloody wounds with a single palette: the Skin Illustrator FX Palette.
(Via Pinterest and Amanda Chapman Photography)
It’s our sincere hope that one of these top 10 scary Halloween makeup ideas inspires you to take your costume to the next (totally terrifying) level. 
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