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Costume Nostalgia - The Most Popular Halloween Costumes by Decade

One of the most popular Halloween costumes of the 70s was Chewbacca from Star Wars.Reminisce about Halloweens past.

What decade do you hail from? We range in age from 60’s flower children to 90’s babies, so we’ve seen our fair share of Halloween costumes through the decades. We’re taking a trip back in time to revisit the most popular Halloween costumes by decade—better power up the DeLorean.

1960s – Dennis the Menace
Hank Ketcham’s comic Dennis the Menace made its sassy debut in American papers in 1951, and a matching television show followed just a few years later. Mid-century kiddos loved Dennis in all of his cow-licked, mischievous imperfection, and he made for an easy Halloween costume. Cue costume makers like Ben Cooper, who made cheap and easy to wear masks in a variety of characters, including Dennis himself.

1970s – Chewbacca
The late 70s saw quite a few film franchises that obliterated the box office, and Star Wars may have been the most popular of all of them. Chewbacca, in all of his hairy, grumbly splendor, may have been the most fun to dress up as for Halloween. We can’t get enough of this 1970’s example—what a Wookie!

1980s – Michael Jackson
Perhaps second only to Madonna, Michael Jackson was the most loved, most talked about, and most emulated performer of the 80s. Our favorite look is the most iconic one: Thriller. There was nothing radder than that tight red suit, black slip-ons, and his cute jheri curls. Still not convinced that Thriller made a serious impact on the 80s? Just take a look at this adorable family!

1990s – Cher from Clueless
Like, nobody really defined the bubble gum culture of the mid-1990s like Cher Horowitz from Clueless. Yes, we know the movie was actually based on Jane Austen’s Emma, but what we really remember it for is Cher’s quotable catchphrases (“As If!”), uber-coordinating outfits, and that soundtrack! We’re also fully aware that her signature looks (along with Dionne and Tai’s) spawned some of the most popular Halloween costumes of the decade.

2000s – Mean Girls
Eleven years later and we’re still quoting Tina Fey’s screenplay for Mean Girls. If you had a group of girls in 2004, there was nothing easier to dress up as than the Plastics. All you’d need was a few tank tops, a pair of scissors, mini skirts, and a homemade Burn Book. You go, Glen Coco.

Now – Batman
According to Yahoo Parenting, Batman is in the top 3 for adults, kids, and even pets for 2015. We’re not that surprised. After all, Bruce Wayne is the coolest dude ever. He’s the only superhero without any powers—kind of gives hope to all of us regular folk, no? (Hey! Need a Batman costume? We’ve got ‘em for boys, girls, and adults.)

Are you disoriented from our trip through Halloween costume history? That was quite a journey. We can’t wait to see what future decades bring, and which Halloween costumes they offer up as most popular.

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