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Hilarious Halloween Costume Ideas for Couples

One of our hilarious Halloween costume ideas for couples is a cozy twist on the Princess and the Frog.Funny costumes that go together like apples and caramel.

Are you and your significant other (or friend, we’re not excluding anyone) dressing up for Halloween? If so, it might be time to break out of the typical couple’s costume box with one that’s laugh-out-loud funny. Here are a few of our favorite chuckle-inducing Halloween costume ideas for couples.

1. Left Shark & Katy Perry
This might be the most talked-about Super Bowl mishap since Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction.” Left Shark’s stiff, uncoordinated dancing blew up social media, and it’s since become synonymous with trying your hardest but not quite succeeding.

As SNL’s Stefan would say, this costume has it all—pop culture reference? Check. Sports trivia? Check. A cool mask? Check.

What you’ll need:

  • Latex Shark Mask
  • Plain White T-Shirt that Reads, “Sorry, I’m just Left Shark”
  • Long Lady Godiva Wig
  • White, Red, Blue, and Yellow Bikini Top
  • White, Red, Blue, and Yellow Striped Skirt

2. Daisy & Zombie Gatsby
We’re still sore about the end of the Great Gatsby (spoiler alert!). We sided with Jay, and Daisy was kind of a terrible driver, and all around pain in the neck. We like to imagine that in an alternate universe, Gatsby came back as a zombie and scared the bonkers out of Daisy. Talk about cosmic retribution!

What you’ll need:

3. Marty McFly & Doc Brown
Great Scott! Can you believe Back to the Future is 30 years old already? We watched it the other day, and it is just as irreverent and hilarious as it was in 1985. (It’s up on Amazon Prime, if you’re looking for a movie to watch.) This Halloween, celebrate one of Sci-Fi’s most dynamic duos, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown.

What you’ll need:

4. Sherlock & Where’s Waldo
This is definitely the least obvious of our funny Halloween costume ideas for couples, but when you think about it, it makes sense. What’s better than pairing the guy who’s always looking for people, and the guy that people are always looking for? If you’re bringing a third wheel along, they can easily be Watson.

What you’ll need:

5. Princess & The Frog
It’s a romantic idea—that someone could still want to kiss you even when you’re a slimy amphibian. We’re down with this kind of fairy tale romance, and not to brag, but our BCozy Cushi Frog Costume is adorable, cozy, and really funny looking.

What you’ll need:

We hope that our list of hilarious Halloween costume ideas has inspired you to try out something new with your significant other in tow—after all, Halloween only comes around once a year, and we know you’ve got your eye on that “Best Dressed Couple” award.

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