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Our 6 Favorite Henna Tattoo Ideas for the Summer

Our simplest henna tattoo idea is a cute and summery pineapple.From simple to intricate, there's a henna tattoo for your skill set.

Henna derives its name from a flowering plant of the same name, which is made into a cosmetic dye. Now a popular form of temporary tattooing, dyeing skin, hair, fingernails, and fabric with henna dates back to antiquity. If you love the look of tattoos but aren’t ready to make the commitment, try out one of our favorite summer henna tattoo ideas, and you’ll be stylishly marked for up to 3 weeks.

Pick your skill level below and grab your supplies: temporary henna ink, a 5/0 fine detail brush, and 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and some cotton pads for removal.


1. The Puny Pineapple
If you’re not quite comfortable wielding a brush loaded with semi-permanent ink, go for a diminutive and quirky tattoo. We love this little pineapple because it’s designed with just a few strokes, is just teensy enough that you can execute it with minimal brush control, and let’s be honest—it really makes us smile. (Photo via Brit + Co and @nekotattooartstudio)

2. The Solar System
If you’re a hipster scientist or you just can’t get enough of Cosmos, try out a stacked solar system tattoo. Practice making circles on a paper towel or sheet of paper before you go at it on your skin, and if you’re uncomfortable with smudging ink to achieve this tattoo’s shading, leave the planets as plain, flat circles. (Photo via Bored Panda and Lina D.)


1. The Sun and Moon
Before you go for that full-on matching sibling or significant other tattoo, try the not-so-permanent version on for size. There are endless kinds of matching tattoos, like card suits and X’s and O’s, but we like the classic sun and moon. Show the world the gravitational pull you feel towards a loved one with this example from

2. The Khaleeji Hand
Divine Caroline writes, “Khaleeji style henna is an Arabic celebration of body art… it often appears more free flowing, like this line design.” This is one of our favorite henna tattoo ideas because it’s simultaneously traditional and intricate, as well as freely abstract. Take care with the long arcs and straight lines, because henna ink dries fast. (Photo via Divine Caroline and Henna Trails)


1. The Elephant
The Indian variety of henna is known as Mehndi, and serves as a symbol of good luck, health, and sensuality in Eastern cultures. Elephants are also much loved and revered creatures in Indian states such as Kerala. This advanced design combines the two, where an elephant is constructed from intricate elements from Mehndi designs, like petals, lines, and small dots. (Photo via EgoDesigns)

2. The Mehndi Hand
The most advanced of our henna tattoo ideas is a very traditional one: a large design that wraps around the hand and wrist. We love the cascading flowers and hatched design on this lace glove-esque tattoo. Pro-tip: If you’re going to put this much time and effort into your henna, you’d better do everything you can to make it last. Bodyartbloke suggests that you avoid bathing within 15 hours of applying henna, and then follow up daily with baby oil. (Photo via StyleCraze)

We hope that we’ve turned you on to the idea of henna tattoos. It’s rooted in history, totally beautiful, and best of all, only semi-permanent. You can try on as many of our summer henna tattoo ideas as you like, because your skin will return to a blank slate within just 3 weeks.

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