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Halloween Costumes for Work That Won't Freak Out HR [Infographic]

Human resources-friendly costumes for men and women.

It’s that time of year again! Time to find a work-appropriate costume and scarf candy around the watercooler. If your workplace is celebrating Halloween, you’ll need a costume that dials risqué and offensive down to 0. Here are 5 easy-to-wear Halloween costumes for work that won’t result in disciplinary action:

Check out our helpful infographic and pick your favorite from our list of ideas for Halloween costumes for work.

1. The Lawn Gnome
Unless one of your coworkers is emotionally attached to gnome culture, this cute hoodie is the perfect costume for dudes and dudettes who work in casual environs. Comfy and cozy, this blue number features a pointy hood, fabric belt, shiny gold buckle, and long gnome beard.

2. Demure Dorothy
We’re keeping Dorothy in demure territory (she’s a Midwestern farm girl, after all!). This blue and white gingham dress features longer cap sleeves and a just-above-the-knee hemline.

3. Renaissance Prince
Show your boss your feudal work ethic in a head-to-toe Men’s Renaissance Prince Costume. This dashing getup is forged in authenticity, and comes complete with chain mail detailing, hooded tunic, and royal lion insignia.

4. English Nanny
Ever feel like you work with a bunch of children? Show them who’s in charge in a Mary Poppins-esque English Nanny Costume with buttoned jacket, broadcloth shirt, bow tie, long gray skirt, and floppy velour bonnet.

5. The Referee
Keep office hijinks in check in a classic Referee costume. Someone talking too loud? Did someone waste toner? You’re the Office Referee—so toss a yellow flag into their cubicle because they deserve a penalty. The last of our Halloween costumes for work is great for both men and women.

Grab one of our HR-friendly workplace Halloween costumes and you’ll be able to celebrate without of fear of being written up. For all the costumes featured in this post, as well as a wide selection of costumes, makeup, and accessories, visit us at