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The Ultimate DIY Minion Costume and Makeup Tutorial

Our DIY Minion costume and makeup look requires these 5 items.

Fit right in with the cute and yellow crowd.

If you’re like many movie-goers, you were probably left flabbergasted by the round and yellow cuteness of Gru’s Minions from the Despicable Me franchise. With the Minions movie hitting theaters Friday, we thought it was about time we featured the ultimate DIY Minion costume and makeup tutorial. You can be the world’s cutest criminal mastermind with just a few products and a pair of thrift store overalls.
What you'll need: How to do it:
  1. Start with a fresh face. Optional: Drink some coffee for Minion-like energy and make sure to practice your squeals.
  2. If you have long hair, make sure to pull it back.
  3. Get your face painting sponge wet and swirl it in your yellow face paint palette until it becomes an easily spreadable cream.
  4. Cover your entire face with yellow face paint, except for just around your eyes. This includes your lips, but be careful not to ingest any. (Mehron’s face paint is fantastic, but not yummy.)
  5. Wet your face painting brush and swirl it in your white face paint palette. Since you're a human-minion hybrid, we're going to have you paint on two eyes - unlike Stuart, who has only one (pictured). Draw an oval about ½” around your eyes and fill it in with white paint. This will give the impression that you have wide Minion-sized eyes.
    Quick Tip: For extra staying power, seal your new look by lightly misting a barrier spray over your face paint!
  6. Once your face paint is dry, pop on a pair of vintage aviator goggles, a bright yellow turtleneck and a pair of blue jean overalls.
    Optional: If you’re comfortable with face paint, try painting a pair of goggles with silver face paint in addition to the yellow layer. You'll need to leave a gap in your yellow layer to allow for the application of the silver paint. For more dimension, line your silver goggles with a line of black face paint.

Gear up for the Minions movie premiere with our DIY Minion costume and makeup tutorial—it’ll make you say, “Whaaaaaaaat?” just like Bob, Stuart, and Kevin.

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