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Stage Makeup Ideas and Tips

Nutcracker Makeup Tutorial

Though it wasn’t an immediate smash when it debuted in 1892, Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet has been one of the most popular American ballets since the 1960s and a perennial staple of the holiday season. Our Nutcracker makeup tutorial features a basic ballet makeup look with a little pizzazz that’s perfect for any important role, such as the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Native American Makeup Ideas

Traditional face paint has been a prominent part of Native American culture for thousands of years, offering social distinction and playing a part in cultural and spiritual ceremonies and rituals. We’re fascinated by the symbolism and power that’s entwined with these face paint traditions—that’s why we’re exploring four Native American makeup ideas.

Stage Makeup Tutorial for Dancers

Are you a dancer or stage performer? Check out our stage makeup tutorial for dancers and learn how you can put your best face forward, even under the bright lights.

The ABC's of Stage Makeup [Infographic]

Learn the basics of stage makeup, from adhesive to zombie makeup.

Spring 2015 Makeup Trends – Pastel Eye Makeup Tutorial

Our fourth and final spring 2015 makeup trend is pastel eye makeup. Follow our easy tutorial for feminine and flattering eyes in velvety shades of blue or pink.  

Faun Makeup Tutorial—the Golden Forest Goddess

Calling all wild women with a passion for makeup—we’ve got a faun makeup tutorial that’s meant to unleash even your wildest side. Click to read more!

The 11 Best Fake Mustaches—Famous Follicles from History & Pop Culture

Many have asked, "What makes a man?" Well, we would argue that a man's most memorable and defining feature is just under his nose. We're celebrating mustache culture in honor of No-Shave November—read on to learn our picks for the 11 Best Mustaches from history and pop culture.

Mask-free Masquerade Makeup Tutorial in Just 7 Steps

What's your fantasy? If you'd love to be the Belle of the Ball at an elegant masquerade we've got a 7-step, mask-free masquerade makeup tutorial for you: The Masquerade Maven.

A Beginner's Guide to How To Use Liquid Latex

Graftobian clear liquid latex is great for a wide variety of uses.Liquid latex is a staple for theater buffs and costume makeup artists. But using this handy product can easily turn into a sticky, unprofessional-looking mess. Below, we provide you with an overview on how to use liquid latex so that it looks as great—with as little mess as possible.

How to Use and Remove Spirit Gum - The Ultimate Guide

Graftobian Spirit Gum is a classic in theatrical makeup.Lace beard or fake hair pieceProsthetic or latex appliance? No problem! Learn how to use spirit gum to attach one or more of these pieces for Halloween or an upcoming professional event. And once you're ready to go back to being you, we'll describe how to remove spirit gum and use spirit gum remover—continue reading to learn how to apply and remove spirit gum like a pro!