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Costume Ideas for Women

Clever Halloween Costume Ideas for Modern Millennial Women

We’re going beyond the clichéd cute and sexy Halloween costumes to provide you with thoughtful, punny, inspiring and clever Halloween costume ideas for the modern millennial woman.

Blanche DuBois Costume Tutorial

We’re talking costuming for A Streetcar Named Desire—namely, downtrodden Southern Belle Blanche DuBois. Read on for a two-sided Blanche DuBois costume tutorial.

Ye Olde Girl Power—Renaissance Faire Costume Ideas for Women

Still need a costume for an upcoming Renaissance faire? Try one of our Renaissance costumes for women, including a Maid Marion Costume inspired by Lucrezia Borgia.

Old Hollywood Costume and Makeup Ideas

Are you an Audrey or a Marilyn? We’re highlighting two iconic Old Hollywood costume and makeup ideas inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s and The Seven Year Itch.

20th Century Costume Ideas for Women—An Ensemble Evolution

Are you feeling nostalgic? Find your favorite decade-themed costume and travel back in time with our 20th Century Ensemble Evolution. Read on for spot-on costume ideas for women inspired by fabulous flappers, disco divas, mall chicks, and more.

A DIY Wicked Glinda Costume with a Modern Twist

Love Wicked? So do we. That's why we're created a DIY Wicked Glinda costume complete with a costume, Shiz-tastic accessories, and magical makeup. 

A Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial - Get the Look No. 1

Looking for a last minute Halloween look that's sure to blow the costume competition out of the water? Just follow expert makeup artist Bethany's step-by-step Sugar Skull makeup tutorial, and you'll be in line to win "Best Costume"!

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas That are Fun to Wear

Want something scintillating for Halloween or a costume party? We're got some of the best sexy Halloween costumes for you—including a sizzling Lady Frankenstein.

Two of the Best Halloween Costumes for Women - Glamorous Cleopatra & Futuristic Leela

Are you ready to pilot the Planet Express ship or rule Egypt as a glamorous female pharaoh? These costumes are inspired by Leela from the cult cartoon Futurama and Cleopatra, the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. Read on for two of the best Halloween costumes for powerful, strong women.

Image credit: Frank Kovalchek via Flickr.

Two Feminine & Cute Halloween Costumes for Women

Steal some hearts with two crazy cute Halloween costumes for women: Modern Betty Boop and the Queen of Hearts.