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Costume Ideas for Men

The 11 Best Fake Mustaches—Famous Follicles from History & Pop Culture

Many have asked, "What makes a man?" Well, we would argue that a man's most memorable and defining feature is just under his nose. We're celebrating mustache culture in honor of No-Shave November—read on to learn our picks for the 11 Best Mustaches from history and pop culture.

Our Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas for Men

Hey manly men! Are you in need of a Halloween costume for men that'll put hair on your chest? We've got three costumes for you: The Blues Brothers, Steampunk Ben Franklin, and a classic Jedi. 

Adult Halloween Costume Ideas Inspired by Rebels

If you love a little bit of revolution in your life, consider one of these adult Halloween costume ideas inspired by famous pop-culture rebels. Whether you feel like a kooky chemistry teacher-turned meth cook, a British anarchist, or even a quirky elf, we’ve got a costume for you.

A Pair of the Best Halloween Costumes for Men - James Dean & Sirius Black

When you think of the typical “cool” guy, what do you see? Chances are you see a flowing mane of hair and a leather jacket. It’s no wonder these are the trademark accessories donned by some of the coolest guys ever: James Dean and Sirius Black. Both have tough, stylized exteriors that hide a lot of sensitivity. Check out our suggestions for two of the best Halloween costumes for men that’ll have you looking like the most brooding anti-hero ever. 

How to Create the Ultimate Christmas Costume of Santa Claus

For a Christmas costume that will wow the kids, personalize your Santa suit with a few tips from the experts at Mallatt's.When you think of the winter holiday season, there is no more iconic character than Santa Claus. Although Santa is real, it sometimes falls to adults to masquerade as this enigmatic man each holiday season so children across the globe can bask equally in the joy that Santa Claus brings. Click to learn how to put together an amazing Santa costume!