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Costume Accessories Ideas

Illustrated Realistic Fake Beards by Era [Infographic]

We know that inventions, wars, fashion, and politics make history. Less obvious are the hairier milestones we’ve seen make their mark throughout history, from Socrates and Lincoln to modern day hipsters. Yep—we’re talking about beards.  No-Shave November is upon us once again, so we’re taking an illustrated trip through realistic fake beards by era. Use these historically significant beard illustrations as a guide for your next production.

A DIY Wicked Glinda Costume with a Modern Twist

Love Wicked? So do we. That's why we're created a DIY Wicked Glinda costume complete with a costume, Shiz-tastic accessories, and magical makeup. 

The 11 Best Fake Mustaches—Famous Follicles from History & Pop Culture

Many have asked, "What makes a man?" Well, we would argue that a man's most memorable and defining feature is just under his nose. We're celebrating mustache culture in honor of No-Shave November—read on to learn our picks for the 11 Best Mustaches from history and pop culture.

3 Unique Vampire Costume Ideas

No matter where you leave your coffin—whether it’s Transylvania, Mystic Falls, Sunnydale, or Forks, these vampire costume ideas will be perfect for your next twilit night. 

Cool Halloween Costumes for History Buffs

Looking for some cool Halloween costumes inspired by history? Nobody dressed better than classy Victorian and Georgian-era ladies, and Colonial men were cool enough to rebel and start a country from scratch. Read this post and learn how to make your next costume go down in history.

Our Top 3 Best Halloween Costumes Based on Children's Books & Movies

Are you an adult that loves Halloween? Are you tired of being scolded for asking strangers for candy? Well, we've got just the thing for you. Check out this post for 3 of the best Halloween costumes based on beloved children's books and movies. You'll be in your trick-or-treating prime in no time.

Mahalo! Hawaiian Accessories for a Luau Party

If you’ve been invited to a Luau-themed party and find yourself in need of makeup and a costume, Mallatt’s has what you need. When it comes to Hawaiian accessories, from grass skirts to coconut bras, we have you covered. Check out our ideas for luau-themed costumes and makeup. Read on to learn more.

4 Superhero Costume Ideas to Transform You This Halloween

If you think Thanksgiving is the only time to be thankful, you would be incorrect. In fact, consider Halloween another time to be thankful. Think about it—it's the best excuse to don a cape, take on a new personality, and live the life you've always dreamed of living. Often, the perfect disguise makes for the perfect superhero. Read this article and grab a super costume idea for Halloween 2014!

How to Choose and Set Synthetic Wigs for Women and Men

Get help choosing and setting synthetic wigs for women and men from Mallatt's.Whether you are a seasoned veteran of the stage or a budding theater enthusiast, at some point, you will have to undergo wig selection for a performance. While choosing wigs for women (and men) can be stressful, it doesn’t have to be a difficult process. In addition to offering a wide selection of high-quality men’s and women’s wigs, here at Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories, we are excited to share our expert tips for selecting the right wig--click to access our tips for wig selection!

Costume Hats & Accessories - Bringing Life to New Year's Customs From Around the World

Fun costume hats and accessories can help you bring life to unique New Year's customs.Happy New Year! It’s finally 2014, and it’s likely that most people in the United States celebrated by some combination of the following: Attending a party, watching the ball drop, and kissing someone special at midnight. But have you ever wondered how other people in different parts of the world celebrate the new year—or for that matter, when they do so? Learn more about New Year celebrations around the globe!