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10 Best Blogs for Halloween Makeup Ideas

We've scoured the Internet for the best makeup blogs—so you don't have to.

Whew! We’ve circled the blogosphere looking for go-to sources of the best, most creative, most horrifying, and most gut-wrenching Halloween makeup ideas, and here’s our top 10:

1. Glam&Gore

The first pick on our list of Halloween makeup ideas is a creepy eyeless Bride of Frankenstein from Glam&Gore.

Our first pick blends true artistry, high-end photography, and gore, as you’d likely guess from reading the name. We’re in love with their eyeless Bride of Frankenstein (pictured) and Human Jack-O’-Lantern. Truly nightmare-inducing.

2. Divine Caroline

Beauty and lifestyle site Divine Caroline does more than just mainstream glam. They also delve into step-by-step costume makeup tutorials from professionals like Kryolan Makeup in this this awesome zombie tutorial (pictured).

3. Goldie Starling’s Art of Beauty Blog

We bow down to this queen of costume makeup, Miss Goldie Starling. She can emulate even the most unique looks, as evidenced in her Katy Perry E.T. look (pictured).

4. Klaire de Lys

Multi-talented blogger Klaire de Lys is able to pull off looks that are equally terrifying and beautiful. The contacts and crystal prosthetics seen in her Death tutorial (pictured) are alluring, even if the overall effect gives us the heebie-jeebies.

5. Ellinor Rosander

Her blog might be in Swedish, but her looks inspire fear in every language. Ellinor also goes by Ellimacs, and has been blowing up YouTube with her inventively gory ideas. Exhibit A: Detached Eyeball (pictured).

6. Amanda Chapman Photography

Featured on our recent scary makeup ideas list, Amanda Chapman Photography is a fantastical source for fictional and non-fictional Halloween makeup ideas, from the Tin Man to Jared Leto. Check out her Halloween portfolios from the past two years for more ideas.

7. ShowMe MakeUp

Head over to ShowMe MakeUp if you like uber-realistic pop culture pieces (like the Disney Witch, pictured above) or textured body paint.

8. Monroe Misfit Makeup

From what we can tell, the mastermind at Monroe Misfit Makeup is a pinup girl with a penchant for pop culture. She stays on trend with looks like Nicki Minaj and her Andy Warhol-esque Graffiti Girl.

9. Kandee Johnson

In the world of makeup bloggers, Kandee Johnson is kind of a big deal. She’s been featured on national TV, but if you haven’t heard of her yet, subscribe to her YouTube channel now. Her character makeup, from Edward Scissorhands to Barbie, will blow you away.

10. Savannahsfx

Fine, we cheated! This is really an Instagram profile, not a blog, but we simply couldn’t not feature @savannahsfx on this list. We’ve never seen gorier or grosser special effects makeup than her maggot hand. (Warning: Extremely gory, and not for the faint of heart.)

Her take on the Phantom of the Opera (pictured) blends realistic burns with glamorous stage makeup, and we can’t pull our eyes away from the finished look.

Now that we’ve provided you with a list of our favorite blogs for Halloween makeup ideas, go forth and get dolled up for Halloween.

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