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How to Make Fake Scars in 6 Steps

If you need to add another layer of personality and back story to your onstage--or Halloween--characters, a well-placed scar might be just the ticket. Just think of some the most memorable characters—from Harry Potter to the Joker, scars helped tell their story. If you need to create faux injuries for your next show, read the steps below and learn how to make convincing fake scars.

A New Halloween Makeup Idea Inspired by Pop Art

Halloween is a chance to really think outside of the box and create something unique with makeup. You can look like a 2D character from classic comics and graphic novels, complete with shading lines and stippled skin with just a few key products. This Halloween makeup might be 2D, but you’ll be certain to pop off the page. Read on to learn more!

How to Make a Fake Bruise

Pain-free bruises? Follow this step-by-step guide on how to make a fake bruise using cream makeup that's perfect for stage, screen, or an upcoming theme party. Calling all zombies, gangsters, and professional boxers.

Cool Halloween Costumes for History Buffs

Looking for some cool Halloween costumes inspired by history? Nobody dressed better than classy Victorian and Georgian-era ladies, and Colonial men were cool enough to rebel and start a country from scratch. Read this post and learn how to make your next costume go down in history.

Two Cute Face Painting Ideas for Kids

If you’re looking to have some summertime fun with the kids, give face painting a try. Face painting gives your children a creative outlet, and it’s a perfect activity for a birthday party.  You can choose from a variety of fun animal faces with vibrant colors, glitter, sparkles—anything you can dream of. Here are some of the best face painting ideas for kids along with step-by-step instructions.

Our Top 3 Best Halloween Costumes Based on Children's Books & Movies

Are you an adult that loves Halloween? Are you tired of being scolded for asking strangers for candy? Well, we've got just the thing for you. Check out this post for 3 of the best Halloween costumes based on beloved children's books and movies. You'll be in your trick-or-treating prime in no time.

Face Painting Ideas that Stick: The Queen Beehive

Looking to step up your face painting game? Here’s a beautiful design that’s a little more intricate: The Queen Beehive. It’s a perfectly sweet and sugary face painting idea for summer or for anyone that’s looking to brush up on his or her skills. It’s also perfect for costume parties! Check out this blog post and learn how to nab all of the cute beekeepers on the block. 

Skip the Scary - 4 Funny Halloween Costumes You'll Love

Halloween might have somewhat of a spooky reputation, but funny Halloween costumes are always the most memorable. If you’d like more laughs and fewer screams this Halloween, grab one of the costume ideas in this post. Best yet, you’ll get more candy at every door for making people laugh. 

Mahalo! Hawaiian Accessories for a Luau Party

If you’ve been invited to a Luau-themed party and find yourself in need of makeup and a costume, Mallatt’s has what you need. When it comes to Hawaiian accessories, from grass skirts to coconut bras, we have you covered. Check out our ideas for luau-themed costumes and makeup. Read on to learn more.

"We Can Do It!" - Red, White, and Blue Makeup Inspired by Rosie the Riveter

Declare your style independence. Check out this post for red, white, and blue makeup ideas inspired by Rosie the Riveter and just in time for Labor Day.