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What Should I Be for Halloween? [Quiz]

Is your costume personality scary, sexy, funny, or cute? Take our short What Should I Be for Halloween quiz, do a little mental math, and we’ll set you up with the perfect costume for your disposition.

The Ultimate Pie Wheel of Stage Props [Infographic]

Need stage props for a production in a specific genre? Look no further than our Ultimate Pie Wheel of Stage Props infographic.

Stage Makeup Tutorial for Dancers

Are you a dancer or stage performer? Check out our stage makeup tutorial for dancers and learn how you can put your best face forward, even under the bright lights.

Dewy Makeup Tutorial - How to Strobe

Want to try the dewy makeup look? We’re a fan of strobing, an easy way to achieve a highlighted, fresh look without the prep, extra products, or hassle required for contouring. 

Cleopatra Makeup Tutorial

Walk like Ancient Egypt’s most fabulous pharaoh with our 9-step Cleopatra makeup tutorial. 

The ABC's of Stage Makeup [Infographic]

Learn the basics of stage makeup, from adhesive to zombie makeup.

How to Make a Convincing Fake Beard with Crepe Wool

Want to learn how to make a fake beard? Follow our tutorial and you’ll master making a convincing fake beard with crepe wool.

Blanche DuBois Costume Tutorial

We’re talking costuming for A Streetcar Named Desire—namely, downtrodden Southern Belle Blanche DuBois. Read on for a two-sided Blanche DuBois costume tutorial.

Our 6 Favorite Henna Tattoo Ideas for the Summer

Want a tattoo without the commitment? Try one of our 6 favorite henna tattoo ideas for summer!

A Guide to Historically Accurate American Prop Guns

Some of history's biggest power players, from soldiers and explorers, to assassins and criminals, carried firearms. Read on for an infographic featuring prop guns inspired by those carried by American history makers.