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Super Cute Halloween Costumes for Kids - 2014

Cuteness overload! We’ve got 3 costumes that are equally adorable for kids, teens, and adults, including Anna and Elsa from Frozen

3 Unique Vampire Costume Ideas

No matter where you leave your coffin—whether it’s Transylvania, Mystic Falls, Sunnydale, or Forks, these vampire costume ideas will be perfect for your next twilit night. 

2 Simple Halloween Face Paint Ideas

Step up your costume this year with one of these face paint ideas: classic witch and cute cat. They’re also perfect for parties and the stage. Read our blog post and learn more!

Skeleton Halloween Face Paint in Just 4 Steps

Sometimes, it's not just a killer costume that you want to rock—you want your Halloween face paint to live up to the Halloween hype.  Follow this step-by-step tutorial for a skeleton face look so memorable even ghosts will stick around at your costume party.

3 Classic Couple Halloween Costume Ideas

Make a perfect pair this Halloween. Check out this blog post for couple Halloween ideas, from costumes to accessories, and everything in between. 

3 Easy Clown Makeup Tips

The clown is a classic costume that evokes a variety of emotions—fear, laughter, the list goes on. Whatever you’re going for, this post has clown makeup ideas and basic design tips that are perfect for every style of clown.

Creative Halloween Costumes - Cake-Eating Marie Antoinette

Why let them eat cake, when it could be you stuffing your face with Funfetti? Check out this blog post and learn how to take authentic French chic to your costume parties with a Marie Antoinette costume.

A Beginner's Guide to How To Use Liquid Latex

Graftobian clear liquid latex is great for a wide variety of uses.Liquid latex is a staple for theater buffs and costume makeup artists. But using this handy product can easily turn into a sticky, unprofessional-looking mess. Below, we provide you with an overview on how to use liquid latex so that it looks as great—with as little mess as possible.

How to Use and Remove Spirit Gum - The Ultimate Guide

Graftobian Spirit Gum is a classic in theatrical makeup.Lace beard or fake hair pieceProsthetic or latex appliance? No problem! Learn how to use spirit gum to attach one or more of these pieces for Halloween or an upcoming professional event. And once you're ready to go back to being you, we'll describe how to remove spirit gum and use spirit gum remover—continue reading to learn how to apply and remove spirit gum like a pro!

Unique Halloween Costumes Inspired by Modern Art

Are you an artsy type? Don’t let your other artsy friends outdo you this Halloween. Here are two unique and clever Halloween costumes that are so fabulous you just might go on display at the Museum of Modern Art. Fans of film noir and Andy Warhol, read on.