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Skip the Scary - 4 Funny Halloween Costumes You'll Love

Halloween might have somewhat of a spooky reputation, but funny Halloween costumes are always the most memorable. If you’d like more laughs and fewer screams this Halloween, grab one of the costume ideas in this post. Best yet, you’ll get more candy at every door for making people laugh. 

Mahalo! Hawaiian Accessories for a Luau Party

If you’ve been invited to a Luau-themed party and find yourself in need of makeup and a costume, Mallatt’s has what you need. When it comes to Hawaiian accessories, from grass skirts to coconut bras, we have you covered. Check out our ideas for luau-themed costumes and makeup. Read on to learn more.

"We Can Do It!" - Red, White, and Blue Makeup Inspired by Rosie the Riveter

Declare your style independence. Check out this post for red, white, and blue makeup ideas inspired by Rosie the Riveter and just in time for Labor Day.

How to Look Older with Makeup - Step by Step

Maybe you want to dress like an old person this Halloween, or you have an upcoming performance that requires an old age character—that’s where costume makeup can make a big difference. Learn how to apply old age makeup and learn a skill every actor should know!

4 Superhero Costume Ideas to Transform You This Halloween

If you think Thanksgiving is the only time to be thankful, you would be incorrect. In fact, consider Halloween another time to be thankful. Think about it—it's the best excuse to don a cape, take on a new personality, and live the life you've always dreamed of living. Often, the perfect disguise makes for the perfect superhero. Read this article and grab a super costume idea for Halloween 2014!