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Five Minutes of Fame - SNL "Santa Meeting" Costume Accessories Provided by Mallatt's

Mallatt's supplied some of the costume accessories for SNL's "Santa Meeting" skit.Many have already seen the “Santa Meeting” skit that aired on Saturday Night Live last month, but most don’t realize that Mallatt’s supplied the hats and stockings worn by the elves! Click to learn more!

Costume Hats & Accessories - Bringing Life to New Year's Customs From Around the World

Fun costume hats and accessories can help you bring life to unique New Year's customs.Happy New Year! It’s finally 2014, and it’s likely that most people in the United States celebrated by some combination of the following: Attending a party, watching the ball drop, and kissing someone special at midnight. But have you ever wondered how other people in different parts of the world celebrate the new year—or for that matter, when they do so? Learn more about New Year celebrations around the globe!