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A Guide to Fake Stage Cigarettes for Nonsmoking Actors

Portrait Vintage Actress SmokingHave you ever wondered how nonsmoking actors put on such convincing performances when they played a character that smokes? When a writer or director decides that a character smokes, it is no easy decision—especially if the actor doesn’t smoke in real life. For actors who don’t smoke, the ins and outs of cigars, cigarettes, cigarette holders, and smoke can be confusing. Actors and directors must consider both prop alternatives and strategic techniques when nonsmoking actors play smoking roles--click to read more!

How to Cover a Tattoo with Makeup

How to cover a tattoo with makeup in 8 easy steps.As an actor, sometimes your personal tattoos stand in stark contrast to the roles you play. Our experts at Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories not only have the know-how to cover any tattoo, but we can provide recommendations on which of our products will conceal most effectively. Read on for some of our expert tips and techniques on how you can cover up any tattoos that don’t work with your on-stage personality.