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Halloween Makeup Tips You Should Know

Get Halloween makeup tips for choosing the right makeup, skin prep and makeup removal.No matter what Halloween costume you choose, it’s important to pair it with great makeup application. As your source for not only costumes and accessories, but professional makeup as well, our experts here at Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories are excited to share some fantastic Halloween makeup tips that will make your costume come alive--click to read more!

Creativity & Details - Characteristics of the Best Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to plan your Halloween costume. You may be wondering: What makes the best Halloween costumes? The top answer, by far, is creativity followed by attention to detail. Lucky for you, Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories has a large variety of costumes and accessories that you can put together creatively for some fantastic costumes. We have a few costume suggestions that contain a pun and make for some unique costumes. Click to check them out!

Buy Halloween Costume - Your Final To-Do Before Halloween

Buy a halloween costume online and check it off your list for good!You're gearing up for Halloween and looking to buy the perfect Halloween costume. Have you stopped and considered the historical roots of Halloween? Maybe it's time to consider buying a Halloween costume that speaks directly to Halloween's history--like a Celtic druid, a pope, or a Roman! Read this post to see how these figures played a part in Halloween's history, and how you can dress like them.

Trending Children's Halloween Costumes - Japanese Kigurumi

Post 3_Image Child TigerAre you looking for a perfect Halloween costume for your child? Of the many children’s Halloween costumes available, you’ll definitely want to consider a Japanese kigurumi! Otherwise known as BCozy costumes, these are warm, pajama-like jumpsuits fashioned as animals and are the perfect Halloween costume for adults and children alike. See the variety of BCozys that are available and read more about their fascinating history!

Part 2 - Get the Look - Scary Halloween Costumes - Psychotic Angel MAKEUP

Try one of our favorite scary Halloween costumes, the psychotic angel.PART 2: Psychotic Angel Makeup

Whether you just need the look of a psychotic angel, or want to complete the look from our previous post, follow the steps below and learn how to do the makeup for this perfect Halloween look!

Part 1 - Get The Look - Scary Halloween Costumes: Psychotic Angel DRESS

Try one of our favorite scary Halloween costumes, the psychotic angel.PART 1: Psychotic Angel Costume

When it comes to Halloween, some people prefer cute costumes or those that show a little skin, but there will always be those who prefer scary Halloween costumes. Of course, here at Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories, we have you covered for any type of costume you want to create; we are especially equipped to help you plan a scary Halloween costume with our knowledgeable staff and our extensive selection of costumes, accessories, and theatrical makeup. Today, we’ll be helping you put together the perfect Psychotic Angel costume--click to read more!

Accessorizing Halloween Costumes for Kids to Create the Perfect Costume

Pig Ears & Tail Set

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have kids, they are probably excited to prepare their costume for the upcoming holiday. The pressure of selecting just the right costume for your kid(s) can be stressful, but with the right advice and the perfect accessories, you should be able to create a masterpiece. Get some easy ideas for Halloween costumes for kids in this post!

How to Put On a Wig - Basic Wig Preparation

How to put on a wig is easy with this wig preparation guide.If you want to learn from the experts how to prepare your hair to wear a wig, you’re in the right place. Here at Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories, we’re not only passionate about costumes and stage makeup but also about preparing and wearing wigs.

Classic 1950's Halloween Costume for Women - Get the Look

Wondering what your Halloween costume will be this year? We’re excited to present you with the first installment of Mallatt’s Get the Look, where we will demonstrate how you can use certain products, accessories, and a touch of creativity to put together a great Halloween costume for women. Here at Mallatt’s Costumes & Accessories, we have an extensive supply of costumes and theater costumes, accessories, and makeup that will meet your every need—whether you’re going trick-or-treating or acting in a professional performance.

Halloween Makeup Can Take Your Costume from Yawn-Inducing to Award-Winning

Halloween makeup can help make your costume unforgettable.Whether you plan on spending ten minutes or ten hours on your Halloween costume this year, one thing that’s sure to complete your costume is the Halloween makeup that you choose to wear with it.